ACoRNS Annual Report

We would like to introduce to you the first ACoRNS Annual Report. This issue includes reports on: A foreword from our Directors The Placement Projects we have worked on this academic year Spotlight on Autism Friendlier University research Our reading and journal club groups Plus more. Enjoy! Annual Report 23-24 (Note: the version above features […]

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How can we support autistic people to recall events better?

Recalling specific past experiences is critical for various formal social interactions. You find them in a lot of everyday situations as well as formal ones. In policing, employment and healthcare interviews this specific recall can be quite important. When being questioned for a witness statement or interviewed for a job, how can you ensue you

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“Pathological Demand Avoidance” and Autism

Our Autism Reading Group in April focused on the topic of “Pathological Demand Avoidance” (PDA) and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). We had a stimulating and informative discussion on the need to understand individual differences in profiles, and how this knowledge can help schools use specific approaches to offer more targeted support. It’s important to know

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ACoRNs Summer Newsletter – June 2022

Here you can access our most recent ACoRNS newsletter for the spring term. This issue includes reports on: Our recent webinar ‘Autistic Voice: across the spectrum’ Can viewing a family Our Stories video change knowledge and attitudes in university students about autism and learning differences Autistic Students’ experience of accessing support at the University of Sussex Student Support Unit Intern’s

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