About ACoRNS

The Autism Community Research Network Sussex (ACoRNS) is an initiative which seeks to improve the lives of autistic children and young people.

ACoRNS is a collaboration between Psychology and Education researchers at the University of Sussex and local autism stakeholders involved in education, health and social care services, who are interested in developing, researching, understanding, and sharing good practice in services used by autistic children and their families.

We think the best way for autism research and practice to meet the needs of children and young people is to involve the local community from the start. In ACoRNS we are striving to meet our aims through:

  • involving autistic children and young people at the centre of research and practice
  • establishing a co-constructed research agenda for identifying, investigating and implementing evidence-based practices in autism practice
  • building a collaborative partnership between universities, practitioners, families and children and young people

ACoRNS Sussex is a sister organisation of Acorns Southampton, where the ACoRNS network began in November 2016.


To join our network, or to find out more, please visit our Get Involved page, we’d love to hear from you!


Our Twitter: @acornsussex

Our Instagram: @acorns_sussex

Our Email: @acorns@sussex.ac.uk

Our Newsletter: The 2023-24 ACoRNS Newsletter