Current projects by ACoRNS members include:

  • NIHR: comparing attunement in therapeutic interventions face to face and online
  • Language alignment in autism: See for details
  • Department for Education: Evaluation of the Alternative Provision Innovations Fund, in partnership with ECORYS (2018-2022)
  • Social skills and transition project with Year 6 autistic and non-autistic pupils – with i-Contact autism network

Playing A/Part

Playing A/Part is an interdisciplinary collaboration of drama, media arts and psychology working with autistic girls and a steering group of autistic women to investigate the different faces of autism and marginalised gender identities. Improvisatory performance and interactive media are used as creative tools for exploring the lived experiences of this community.

Time for Autism

Time for Autism is a new autism education programme for medical students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). The programme will involve families with children on the autism spectrum in the teaching process. It is a collaboration between BSMS, local health authorities, families, charities and voluntary groups. Alison Smith (a member of our Steering Group) is evaluating the effectiveness of the programme as a PhD project.