Logo Competition

AcoRNS Sussex is a place to discover and engage with local research and practice relating to autism. For example, we showcase what local schools and support groups are doing to improve lives in the wider autism community and the research that is being done to find out the practices that are working best. We strive to:

  • involve children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum in the research questions we ask
  • build a collaborative partnership between the universities, the Sussex autism community, regional education and health professionals and education providers
  • co-develop, carry out and clearly explain research into best evidence-based practice in autism

The ACoRNS Logo Competition!

Blank logo

We need a logo to help people recognise and understand what we aim to do. This competition is to design a logo that represents us. It will be based on the ACoRNS Southampton logo but will have a different picture in the ‘acorn’.

The logo needs to be individual, creative and to reflect one of our aims: the voice and agency of local children and young people with autism, working together.

The logo needs to be simple, bold, modern, playful and easy to reproduce.

The winning design will be used on the project website and in our publicity, events and materials.

You can find the entry form here and the terms and conditions here.

A copy of the blank logo can be downloaded here.